The power of photography

I am still buzzing from this morning.

Why? A while ago I met up with David, a great photographer based in Newcastle. Without a doubt we clicked, photography is our passion. David is a king of the streets in Newcastle. He has his camera all the time with him and no matter what, he is snapping everywhere, all the time.

It's like an addiction.

Initially, David was taking pictures of High Arches Socks. I decided to ask someone to look at the product I design from a different perspective. It is sometimes hard to be in charge of everything and having someone to see things from a different angle is a great way to develop as an artist, person and a business owner. To cut the story short, today, I am so happy we've met. Dave and I organised a 'meet up' for local photographers, very informal.

I am also very proud that my tiny micro business was able to sponsor this small event. We organised Behind the Scenes tour of the Baltic gallery, offered coffee and a slice of delicious cake to a group of keen photographers.

We discovered undiscovered with our cameras. There are a lot of people behind those white gallery walls where the magic happens.

Being able to bring people together to share experiences and passion is priceless!

Here is to High Arches, David, collaboration and creativity!#collaboration

Kinga KaminskaComment