The story of High Arches Socks

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After living for a few years in the South of England my partner and I made the move back to the North East.. where most of our family and friends are in the summer of 2018. Being down South was a great experience, I got to meet so many people from different walks of life, many of them I can call friends for life.

We love it up here. The North East is beautiful!

How did I come up with an idea for socks?

When working as an Art & Photography teacher at various schools, I had to obey certain dress rules, but I never had to worry what socks I would wear, It was my statement. It was my creative flair, my self-confidence, my way to express, I was bold with this! Every art teacher does it differently, I do it with socks.

They help me to be myself!

I designed my first socks at the end of 2017. It was just for fun, my partner did not know about it back then. I was just playing with ideas and drawings.

The journey continues….

I decided to have a break in my career as a teacher.

It was scary, bumpy and stressful.

I have enjoyed developing new skills, meeting new people and starting something that is my passion.(this is an ongoing process)

The journey continues….

I needed to come up with a name for the business. Newcastle & Gateshead have a number of bridges across the River Tyne, bridges that are bold and beautiful. I think the most spectacular is the Tyne Bridge.

It was my partner’s idea - ‘why won’t you call it high arches?’


the business began…

and the journey continues!

P.S Make sure the place you live in makes you happy!


Kinga Kaminska