What is the point of collaboration?

Making your brand stand out in a competitive marketplace nowadays is one of the biggest challenges.

Your business does not have to big or famous to work with another person, all it needs to aim for is -

a mutual interest.


I met Ian in 2018 on one of the courses where he was coaching new and existing businesses, including High Arches Socks. It was a very memorable weekend! Yet again, met some fantastic and inspirational people. Ian was one of them.

From a friendly suggestion to a professional advice with the vast experience in global business development (I forgot to put a comma somewhere…) Ian is a person you want to speak to when it comes to business. Not only that, this down to Earth man is just really easy to talk to. His coaching techniques and passion for what he does speaks for itself. I often listen to Ian’s podcast when I work at home, find out more here: https://twitter.com/ian_Farrar https://twitter.com/industry_angel & https://industryangel.com/podcasts/.

Ian had an idea of giving socks out to his guests and speakers. I thought I could help him with that.

(read - we found a mutual interest)

I am sure you will see them all over Twitter :)

this is called: Collaboration

The Industry Angel Business Podcast socks, made in a small family running business in Italy.

Need customized socks? talk to me.

Thanks, Ian. It’s been a pleasure!

Kinga Kaminska