When it is not just about the gift.


‘Not every scar is visible’, I have read somewhere when I was helping to raise awareness about PTSD for the first time at school I was teaching in.

I think most of us can relate to this.

Things we go through in life in one way affect us more than others. I am talking here about significant events.

Very often we avoid talking about difficult things.

But why? Are we scared of ourselves? Of our own thoughts?

Combat Stress helps people to open up, and talk.

PTSD and traumatic experiences are close to my heart, I have decided to make a donation of 10% from sales to Combat Stress. This month in particular is dedicated to former service men and women with mental health problems.

Every veteran out there deserves treatment and help.

So if you are still thinking about the gift for Father’s Day I hope you already found one in here. Or, if you are reading this and experiencing mental health issues there is help for you out there, click HERE.

Read more about Combat Stress:


Thanks to Peter, from Combat Stress, that has shown support to continue raising awareness about PTSD.

‘‘For every £1 donated to Combat Stress, 84p is spent on vital treatment, care and support. Your donation will empower veterans, rebuild families and save lives.’’

Kinga Kaminska